Not Winning in Group Phase, Klopp remains Optimistic Liverpool qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League

Not Winning in Group Phase, Klopp remains Optimistic Liverpool qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League

Jurgen Klopp still regrets Liverpool have not won three after only a 1-1 draw at home to Spartak Moscow Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. However, he still believes the Reds can qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League.

Actually the Merseyside giant is so master of the game counter Moscow. Coming from Fernando’s free kick goal in minute 23, Philippe Coutinho again showed his class after the equalizer eight minutes later.

The Red continues to pound the defense of the Russian representative team, but the strong fortress could not be penetrated the line of Liverpool striker. Many times a golden opportunity in front of the eyes vanish, either off the mark or pushed over by the goalkeeper.

Klopp also felt his team like kept away from the goddess Fortuna. Despite winning two draws at the start of this European elite competition, the German coach still remains confident Liverpool will qualify from Group E towards the last 16 of the Champions League.

“We are the most unlucky team in the world, but we created chances very well against a team that is oriented to survive,” Klopp said.

“Free kick was not a violation, we won the ball clearly. It’s a brilliant free-kick and we can create more chances, it’s a crazy thing, ”

“The only thing the goal is to get past the group and that’s still possible for us. We should be able to win two games so far in Group E but we can not and it is our fault, ”

“There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but it’s not a good result. In some moments we performed very well, in other moments we did not perform very well. We did not take our chances. ”

I do not know what really happened, but Liverpool put up a frightening quartet in attack line simultaneously from the beginning. Coutinho, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah can not afford to realize expectations in this fight.

Sure enough, the Reds successfully created 16 shots but only one that scored a goal. If you still want to escape, would Klopp need to evaluate what is wrong so far with the condition of his team.

“It’s great when you have all those players but it’s not just about lowering players. They all need a rhythm and it is a very intense game. Not just about the name of the player but how we play, ”

“There’s a lot of good save from the goalkeepers of both teams and wrong decisions happen at important moments,”

“That’s how football goes. The only way you can change it is to try again and try again, ”

“We are strong enough to qualify. The door was still open but we had to walk past it. We can see a little light. We have to calm down, work hard and we’ll be fine. ” (Source: This Is Anfield)

League Results 1, Persib Playing Draw with Bhayangkara FC

League Results 1, Persib Playing Draw with Bhayangkara FC

Persib Bandung drew 1-1 with the top standings while, Bhayangkara FC, in the follow-up League 1 in the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Sunday (24/09/2017) afternoon hrs.

The Bhayangkara goal was scored by Paulo Sergio in the 27th minute, while Persib’s goal was scored by Michael Essien in the 73rd minute.

In this fight, Persib play without striker Ezechiel N’Douassel who is absent due to yellow card accumulation. Therefore, Emral Abus coach put Raphael Maitimo as the spearhead.

The FC Bhayangkara camp installed Ilija Spasojevic as a mainstay on the front lines.

In the early minutes, Persib got the first chance through Maitimo. Starting from feedback Kim Jeffrey, Maitimo kicks off, but the ball is still sideways on the side of the opposing goal.

After that, Bhayangkara FC got several chances in a row. Starting from the bait of Putu Gede, Ilham Udin opened fire, but still soar.

Later, Simon McMenemy’s forces again threatened via Revelation from a counter-attack scheme, but have not managed to break down M Natshir’s goal yet.

Evan Dimas et al again put pressure on the host. This time, Yoo-jon kick off long-range troublesome goalkeeper Persib.

Spaso did not want to miss. Receive feedback from Evan Dimas, the former Persib striker was a header that almost tore the Persib goalkeeper.

In the 27th minute, goalkeeper Maung Bandung conceded. Starting from the bait Spaso, Paulo Sergio kick off from outside the penalty box that M Natshir could not be driven.

The score changed from 0-1 to Bhayangkara FC.

Disadvantaged, Persib trying to increase attacks. Maitimo got a golden opportunity when getting a pass from Matsunaga, but his kick was still sideways on the opposing side of the goal.

Next, Essien’s long-range effort still failed. The first round was ended 0-1 for Bhayangkara FC.

In the second half, Persib got a chance via Maitimo. Got space, he did a kick, but the ball about the opposing players so that the direction of the ball can be anticipated goalkeeper Bhayangkara FC.

The visitors did not lower the tension attacks. Received feedback breakthrough, Ilham Udin out of custody and kick off. However, the ball is still sideways on the side of Persib goalkeeper.

Maung Bandung continues to press the defense Bhayangkara FC. Essien successively got a chance. First, he has a chance with a header, but still sideways.

Furthermore, the former Chelsea player has a chance to receive feedback flat from Febri on the opposing defense. However, Essien kick has not managed to penetrate the Cloud Setho goal.

Maung Bandung effort to break the opponent’s goal finally succeeded in the 73rd minute. Getting a horizontal feedback from Maitimo inside the penalty box, Essien kicked a shot that Cloud Setho could not anticipate.

Scores were back just as strong, 1-1.

Toward the end of the game, Bhayangkara got a golden opportunity. Starting from a substitute kick, Dendi Sulistiawan, try to use the ball gag tried by Paulo Sergio.

He returned to the kick, but the direction of the ball still deviated.

After that, an additional three minutes from normal time could not be utilized both teams to score goals. The game ended with a score of 1-1.

Shown in 16 Great League 2, Persebaya Tak Berpikir Muluk

Shown in 16 Great League 2, Persebaya Tak Berpikir Muluk

Persebaya Surabaya focus ahead of 16 Great League 2 Indonesia. Coach Persebaya Surabaya, Angel Alfredo Vera, do not want to muluk muluk think how to calculate qualify for the round of 8 large.

Former coach of Persipura Jayapura is admitted not want to think about things that are still far reach. To be sure, said Aflredo, he wanted to see how in the inaugural match of the big 16, Friday (22/09/2017) when his protege against PSBS Biak.

From this first game, Alfredo will count what will happen whether his team will win or lose. However, he made sure Persebaya will all-out achieve three points because they compete to win.

“We’re just thinking about the first game, we’ll see how they play and what’s going to happen that we play the most important thing to win,” said Alfredo, Wednesday (20/09/2017).

Furthermore, this Argentine blooded coach said, currently the conditions of the players are all fit. In fact, it looks the captain Rendy Irwan has started following his first training.

“Preparation as usual with the usual Persebaya game style we run the most important condition of the players are all fit,” he said, again.

Former England coach is convinced of the Eagles Performance

Former England coach is convinced of the Eagles Performance

Former England national team coach, Roy Hodgson, sure can boost the performance of Crystal Palace. He also believes the Eagles will experience a surge in performance Agen Judi Bola.

Roy Hodgson replaced the role of Frank de Boer, who was sacked after putting Crystal Palace to just 77 days at the start of the season.

Together with De Boer, Palace fallen in the final position of the Premier League standings 2017-2018. The Eagles are four straight defeats without even scoring a goal.

Hodgson believes his new team will rise up under his instructions and get out of the relegation zone.

“I believe this team will jump, of course, I will not take this job if I do not believe it,” said the former England coach, quoted by the BBC.

Hodgson without a job after retiring from the national team coach after England was ousted Iceland in the last 16 of the 2016 European Cup.

For Hodgson, coaching Palace means returning to the club that raised him as a footballer.

The seven-decade man was the product of the junior Palace team, but did not penetrate the senior team after promotion in 1965-1966.

Hodgson was also born in Croydon, a region in South London, still in an administrative area with Palace headquarters in Selhurst.

“This opportunity is a new chapter in my life and I’m looking forward to it, it’s special because I’m Croydon’s boy and I’m at this club until I’m twenty-four,” he told a news conference.

Hodgson will melakoni debut in the coach seat of the Palace in the game cons Southampton on Saturday (16/09/2017).

Valverde invites Barcelona to go through training

Valverde invites Barcelona to go through training

Ahead of Champions League debut 2017-2018 season, Spanish coach, Ernesto Velverde, invite Barcelona care team undergoing training.

Later Wednesday, in the Champions League debut match, El Barca will face the care team Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus.

Valverde has hopes Barcelona can dominate the game and achieve a perfect victory over the Bianconeri.

In addition Valverde claimed to invite his team to practice to improve mentally and achieve stamina in the face of Juventus later.

Valverde said “Soon we will face Juventus. They are a club full of experienced players. ”

“For that Barcelona must be careful in the face of Juventus.”

“And I want Barcelona to release maximum performance when facing Juventus.”

Phil Jones: Eric Bailly Great Players

Phil Jones: Eric Bailly Great Players

Manchester United player, Phil Jones, did not hesitate to give praise to Eric Bailly, as one of the teammates who can adapt quickly.

Bailly is a player who was brought in by The Special One last season, but now it can be an option on the coach’s main squad, which means already dependable.

“Bailly is a great player, he can adapt quickly with Manchester United, I was surprised when I saw his ability that I consider unique,” said Jones.

“I and the other teammates also believe this season he will play more great than ever, he can do his job at the back of the line well,” he continued.

Noble Bela Joe Hart

Noble Bela Joe Hart

West Ham United captain Mark Noble said his team’s slow start to the season was not due to Joe Hart Situs Taruhan Bola.

Recorded now The Hammers of the three early Premier League season has conceded 10 goals, which makes the loan goalkeeper from Manchester City was getting sharp criticism from the circles.

However, Noble insists Hart, who played for Torino last season fantastic under the crossbar and should his team-mate at the heart of the defense give extra protection.

“Joe has a tough start to his career at West Ham, but this I think overall for this team,” Mark Noble told the media.

“He is England’s number 1 goalkeeper, he is a great goalkeeper and I think he will still be number one. He’s played in a great tournament and won the Premier League so it’s always fun having that experience.

“We may not have provided the best protection we should have in the first three games, but he is a leader, a great man and hopefully he can start the fun with West Ham against Huddersfield Town.”