When Playing at the Cage, Persib Even more Balance

When Playing at the Cage, Persib Even more Balance

Persib Bandung recorded a minor record, namely as the first team in Indonesia to achieve 14 draws in a season.

Persib “crowned” as the king of the series after just playing a goalless draw with Madura United in the League 1 match at Harupat Starling Stadium on Thursday (19/10/2017).

If dissected more deeply, Persib more swallow the draw when playing in front of bobotoh, alias in the cage.

Persib recorded already nine times unable to win in front of the public itself.

Another minor note is Persib “barren” as much as seven games when the game ended in series.

Not to mention, Persib productivity is also quite apprehensive.

The biggest score when Persib melakoni match draw is two goals.

Therefore, only a total of 11 goals are created from 14 matches.

In the series period it can be concluded there is no king of goals.

The scoring players are Michael Essien and Ezechiel N’Douassel.

Both players from Africa are both collected two goals.

The rest were created by Atep, Gian Zola, Vladimir Vujovic, Shoei Matsunaga, Achmad Jufriyanto, Raphael Maitimo, and Kim Kurniawan.

This sequence of results makes Persib locked in the rank of 11 with 38 points.

In fact, Persib even more fasting victory after failing to win in the last seven games.

League Results 1, Persib Playing Draw with Bhayangkara FC

League Results 1, Persib Playing Draw with Bhayangkara FC

Persib Bandung drew 1-1 with the top standings while, Bhayangkara FC, in the follow-up League 1 in the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Sunday (24/09/2017) afternoon hrs.

The Bhayangkara goal was scored by Paulo Sergio in the 27th minute, while Persib’s goal was scored by Michael Essien in the 73rd minute.

In this fight, Persib play without striker Ezechiel N’Douassel who is absent due to yellow card accumulation. Therefore, Emral Abus coach put Raphael Maitimo as the spearhead.

The FC Bhayangkara camp installed Ilija Spasojevic as a mainstay on the front lines.

In the early minutes, Persib got the first chance through Maitimo. Starting from feedback Kim Jeffrey, Maitimo kicks off, but the ball is still sideways on the side of the opposing goal.

After that, Bhayangkara FC got several chances in a row. Starting from the bait of Putu Gede, Ilham Udin opened fire, but still soar.

Later, Simon McMenemy’s forces again threatened via Revelation from a counter-attack scheme, but have not managed to break down M Natshir’s goal yet.

Evan Dimas et al again put pressure on the host. This time, Yoo-jon kick off long-range troublesome goalkeeper Persib.

Spaso did not want to miss. Receive feedback from Evan Dimas, the former Persib striker was a header that almost tore the Persib goalkeeper.

In the 27th minute, goalkeeper Maung Bandung conceded. Starting from the bait Spaso, Paulo Sergio kick off from outside the penalty box that M Natshir could not be driven.

The score changed from 0-1 to Bhayangkara FC.

Disadvantaged, Persib trying to increase attacks. Maitimo got a golden opportunity when getting a pass from Matsunaga, but his kick was still sideways on the opposing side of the goal.

Next, Essien’s long-range effort still failed. The first round was ended 0-1 for Bhayangkara FC.

In the second half, Persib got a chance via Maitimo. Got space, he did a kick, but the ball about the opposing players so that the direction of the ball can be anticipated goalkeeper Bhayangkara FC.

The visitors did not lower the tension attacks. Received feedback breakthrough, Ilham Udin out of custody and kick off. However, the ball is still sideways on the side of Persib goalkeeper.

Maung Bandung continues to press the defense Bhayangkara FC. Essien successively got a chance. First, he has a chance with a header, but still sideways.

Furthermore, the former Chelsea player has a chance to receive feedback flat from Febri on the opposing defense. However, Essien kick has not managed to penetrate the Cloud Setho goal.

Maung Bandung effort to break the opponent’s goal finally succeeded in the 73rd minute. Getting a horizontal feedback from Maitimo inside the penalty box, Essien kicked a shot that Cloud Setho could not anticipate.

Scores were back just as strong, 1-1.

Toward the end of the game, Bhayangkara got a golden opportunity. Starting from a substitute kick, Dendi Sulistiawan, try to use the ball gag tried by Paulo Sergio.

He returned to the kick, but the direction of the ball still deviated.

After that, an additional three minutes from normal time could not be utilized both teams to score goals. The game ended with a score of 1-1.

Shown in 16 Great League 2, Persebaya Tak Berpikir Muluk

Shown in 16 Great League 2, Persebaya Tak Berpikir Muluk

Persebaya Surabaya focus ahead of 16 Great League 2 Indonesia. Coach Persebaya Surabaya, Angel Alfredo Vera, do not want to muluk muluk think how to calculate qualify for the round of 8 large.

Former coach of Persipura Jayapura is admitted not want to think about things that are still far reach. To be sure, said Aflredo, he wanted to see how in the inaugural match of the big 16, Friday (22/09/2017) when his protege against PSBS Biak.

From this first game, Alfredo will count what will happen whether his team will win or lose. However, he made sure Persebaya will all-out achieve three points because they compete to win.

“We’re just thinking about the first game, we’ll see how they play and what’s going to happen that we play the most important thing to win,” said Alfredo, Wednesday (20/09/2017).

Furthermore, this Argentine blooded coach said, currently the conditions of the players are all fit. In fact, it looks the captain Rendy Irwan has started following his first training.

“Preparation as usual with the usual Persebaya game style we run the most important condition of the players are all fit,” he said, again.