Lawrenson: Liverpool Must Bring New Face

Lawrenson: Liverpool Must Bring New Face

After watching Chelsea counter-match last weekend, Mark Lawrenson asked his former management team to immediately provide big funds to bring in new players

The insistence, because the Reds until the 13th week to play inconsistent where only able to win six dilaga, drew five times and lost twice and with the result now makes them ranked sixth standings.

So that 60-year-old man is judging that the team tetao solid in the second round later, and large funds in the future will be expected to bring some players like Virgil Van Dijk and Julian Draxler is now strengthening the PSG.

“Stoke lost in the final minute against Crystal Palace last weekend and stayed in bottom three,” Mark Lawrenson told the media.

“Potters are not a team I worry about in terms of relegation, but I think they will stay near the relegation zone at least a few more days.

“As the saying goes, it will be a cold and wet test on Wednesday night (at dawn) at home to Stoke, but I think Liverpool is ready for that.

“They need a lot better on the back line, of course. Sometimes I think they are really great against Chelsea but still often the same with old Liverpool.

“Let alone their defense, where they also can not manage the game.

“It seems when the opponent gets the ball possession, this is real for Liverpool and I’m just adding a few players will turn it into 2-1.”

After Stoke, Jordan Henderson will be back on away match against Brighton & Hove Albion promotion team on the weekend and if in two away games reap an unpleasant result then a team like Burnley and Watford have a great chance of shifting the Reds in the top six.

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