Southgate Reveals Reason for Not Calling Smalling to England

Southgate Reveals Reason for Not Calling Smalling to England

England coach Gareth Southgate opted to deny Manchester United defender Chris Smalling from the Three Lions squad

The scraping is done ahead of two test matches that will dilakoni England against Germany on Friday (10/11/2017) and Brazil, on Tuesday (14/11/2017), at Wembley Stadium.

Coming to the game, Gareth Southgate has released a squad list containing 25 names of players he will use against those two matches.

Surprisingly, Chris Smalling who was performing well and being one factor Manchester United earned a lot of clean sheets at the start of this season just missing from the squad list.

In fact, in the last two games, England in World Cup qualifying in 2018 to face Slovenia (5/10/2017) and Lithuania (7/10/2017), Smalling is still part of the team, although not appearing.
Southgate prefers to include Joe Gomez, Gary Cahill, John Stones, Harry Maguire and Phil Jones to guard the heart of England’s defense in the center-back position.

In response to this, Southgate admitted that there are some things to be taken into consideration to get rid of Smalling from the England squad.

One of them is the appearance shown by players who have 31 caps with the England team in terms of performing operands to teammates in building attacks and create opportunities.

“Chris has had at least 30 caps and is playing for Manchester United so I know what he can do, maybe it’s a tough decision because the fact that Chris’s team has a lot of clean sheets,” Southgate told Sky Sports.

“In the qualifying round, we have a record in defending, but not in terms of scoring.The most important part to do that is how to build attacks and ability to create chances,” he said.

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